Orlando City Soccer Players at Frozen In Time CryoSpa in Winter Park
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Orlando City Soccer Players Do Cryotherapy in Winter Park

It was a GREAT pleasure to have Orlando City Soccer Club‘s very own Giles Barnes and Dom Dwyer come through to Frozen In Time (F.I.T) CryoSpa in Winter Park for some recovery from their HUGE win over the New England Revolution on Wednesday! Both players mentioned doing Cryotherapy in the past and knew if they could just find a facility in the area, all their post-game aches and pains would be relieved quickly.

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to have had the honor of meeting these elite athletes, and after a big win!! We look forward to seeing them again real soon as they still have a few more games this season and are going to want to be in peak physical condition!

The wonderful thing about F.I.T CryoSpa is our desire to cater to EVERYONE. We have come to understand that a lot of people think Cryotherapy is just for Elite Athletes and Celebrities. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are ALL in need of pain relief, in need of controlling chronic systemic inflammation, in need of of a metabolism and energy boost, in need of a stronger immune system, in need of burning a few extra calories (500 – 800 cal).

So the question is, when will you start taking control of your health?

One Day or Day One?

The Choice is Yours.


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