Weight Loss: Burn 500 - 800 calories with Cryotherapy - Frozen In Time Cryotherapy - Winter Park, Florida
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Weight Loss: Burn 500 – 800 calories with Cryotherapy

We’ve got great news for your weight loss efforts this year!
Did you know you could burn 500 – 800 calories with a simple, 3-minute Whole Body Cryotherapy session? I know, seems too good to be true, and honestly – although the science is undeniable, it’s not something we’re going to promote without conditions.
First and foremost – If you’re not living a health conscious lifestyle outside of the CryoSpa, Cryotherapy as your only means of weight loss is not your answer. Cryotherapy is a way to *supercharge* your current efforts by “hacking” the body’s biological responses to extreme temperature exposure. Click here to learn more: (https://www.scientificamerican.com/…/supercharging-brown-f…/)
For all of your who are keeping to your word and making the effort to make some positive changes this year – we have a limited time offer for you.
Come in and do your first FIT FREEZE session for $45; however, if you purchase our #CHILLFACTOR pack (5 sessions) after your session, that first Cryotherapy session will be on us.
Click below to schedule your first session:
Weight Loss Cryotherapy

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