First Portable Cryotherapy Launched in Winter Park, Florida
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Winter Park, Florida Launches First Portable Cryotherapy at Frozen In Time Cryotherapy Spa

CryoNext, leaders in whole body high performance systems, assists in launching another whole body cryotherapy location in Winter Park, Florida just North of downtown Orlando, which includes additional modalities such as Normatec Compression and Celluma LED Therapy.

Whole body cryotherapy is an exciting new therapy that has the world buzzing. In the United States alone, over 600 cryotherapy locations are now open for business throughout many small and major cities across the country.

For people seeking optimal physical conditioning or trying to speed up the healing process of injuries, more and more practitioners offer the cutting edge therapy of whole body cryotherapy. The state of the art facility will feature whole body cryotherapy and access to world’s first portable whole body cryotherapy system, the RevoCryo Cryosauna.

The local town of Winter Park, Florida, has responded with great enthusiasm. “We are excited to support the local residents of Winter Park, College Park, Maitland, Ocoee, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, and other surrounding cities in the metro Orlando area with cryo,” stated Carmelo Acosta, owner and operator of Frozen In Time Cryotherapy (FIT Cryo Spa). “We know this will assist individuals who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle by delivering a whole new level to their wellness regime.” According to FIT Cryo Spa, whole body cryo has been credited with delivering a number of benefits.

Athletes, weekend warriors, Crossfit enthusiasts, runners, mudders, muay thai and other martial arts fanatics will find immediate relief after their training or increase their focus and performance, before an event by scheduling a whole body cryotherapy treatment with cryotherapy expert, Carmelo Acosta.

Cryotherapy Benefits

Some highlights include: sports injury recovery, and helping reduce joint and muscle pain; speeding up fat loss; boosting your metabolism; delivering healthy, tighter skin and other aesthetic benefits; and reported to slow the aging process.

The FIT Cryo Spa facility will feature the first Portable RevoCryo in the Central Orlando area, making it likely to be a place visited by cryo and fitness enthusiasts from across the county.

For more information on the first cryo location in Winter Park, Florida, be sure to visit and get on the road to ultimate recovery and rejuvenation.

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